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Preparing for your financial future isn't easy, but with HJS Capital LLC by your side, you'll effectively grow your wealth and put all your ducks in a row for the future. We're your reliable partner for Greater San Francisco Bay area investments strategies.

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Smart and savvy investors choose us. Let us maximize your returns.

At HJS Capital LLC , we want to ensure our greater San Francisco Bay area neighbors are prepared for both the future and the present. With a wide range of financial opportunities, we'll work together to build a profitable investment strategy.

While other investment companies may be putting your money at high risk for short term gains, HJS Capital LLC understands that an effective financial strategy is based on your long term needs. At our office, we'll show you exactly how we can help.

Take control of your financial planning with HJS Capital LLC asset investment services.

Biography on Herbert:

Experienced Principle working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Business Process Improvement, Strategy, and Marketing. Strong education with a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management, both from Stanford University.

Early years spent participating in the growing telecommunications industry. Began entrepreneurial chapter with the fledgling personal computer world which grew to software development for small computer systems. Finally followed a personal calling into finance, capital formation, and capital placement for commercial properties and marketing, staff development, and system automation for small to medium businesses.

Herbert is also a proud partner of the Security Equity Group.

Our Services

Investment Services 

The HJS Captial LLC team is ready and waiting to assist with the following investment strategies. Click below to learn more about what we offer to greater San Francisco Bay area clients.

In association with Security Equity Group, we invest in small to medium sized businesses which have the potential to triple earnings in 18 to 24 months. This improvement in a company’s earnings can improve the company’s valuation by a factor of 5 to 8 times. A company can then be held for future growth, sold, or taken public. This strategy provides favorable returns for all owners.

For more information on investing in private businesses, please click here

Our commercial real estate investments range from stabilized properties, which are currently generating desirable cash returns to value-added opportunities, which have the potential to become stabilized properties. We do not invest in development projects or undeveloped land.

Put your mind at ease. All decisions are made in house…without emotion and without depending heavily on so-called "market speculation."

The investment MUST make financial sense…regardless of what happens in the market. The goal is to minimize your risk, reduce exposure, and maximize profits to ensure a sound, healthy investment.

Here are just a few of the guidelines and protocols we use PRIOR to investing capital:

  • Loan Sourcing
    • Proprietary network of industry contacts
    • Experienced acquisitions team
    • Exclusive “first look” off market funding opportunities
  • Underwriting
    • A "bottom up" approach focused on critical fundamentals
    • Target investments with a clear, identifiable exit strategy
    • Intimate understanding of local markets
  • Due Diligence
    • Property appraisal
    • Market analysis
    • Demographics
    • Growth and feasibility
  • Fundamental Analysis
    • The debt
    • The equity
    • The cashflow
    • The property
  • Ongoing Monitoring
    • Hands-on management
    • Portfolio reviews…weekly, monthly, quarterly
    • Downside protection by providing low loan to value
    • First lien position on solid assets with solid fundamentals
  • Regular Investor Updates
    • Investor notified whenever a decision is made affecting the asset
    • Quarterly newsletter
    • Annual report
  • Risk Management
    • Committee approval for objectivity on vetting each investment
    • Ongoing monitoring of assets and markets
    • Legal team ensures marketable and insurable title
    • Review of holding period and exit strategy
    • Terms of loan initiation
    • Strong borrower focus
    • Frequent portfolio review

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